Service & Usage Charges

CleanPeak Barangaroo Tariffs

Network Tariffs (Network Only Customers)

CleanPeak Barangaroo provides the electrical network services (‘poles and wires’) for the Barangaroo South Precinct. In accordance with the network exemptions issued by the Australian Energy Regulator, network tariffs shadow those of the Local Distribution Network Service Provider, Ausgrid (click here to view the latest network tariffs).

Table 1 provides an extract of the 2023/2024 Ausgrid network tariffs which will come into effect from 1 July 2023.

Table 1 – FY2024 Network Prices (prices include GST)

Tariff NameResidential TOUSmall Bus TOULV 40-160 MWhLV 160-750 MWhLV >750 MWh
Tariff Code EA025 EA225 EA302 EA305 EA310
Peak c/kWh 29.9897 28.0434 6.391 6.2934 4.9504
Shoulder c/kWh 6.0502 6.5856 2.194 1.4477 1.4477
Off-Peak c/kWh 4.2544 3.2469 1.0438 1.0438 1.0438
Capacity Chargec/kVa/day 45.1053 48.7057
Demand Chargec/kW/day 37.1144
Network Supply Chargec/meter/day 54.0647 154.0584 517.7909 1836.8232 3698.0633

Bundled Tariffs (Residential and Small Business)

CleanPeak Barangaroo also provides bundled tariffs available to our residential and small business customers.

Small business customers are defined as those customers who are non-residential and consuming less than 160MWh per annum.

Table 2 provides the available bundled tariffs. If you are an existing customer, these rates were increased with effect from August 16, 2023.

For residential and small business customers wishing to switch to a bundled rate, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Table 2 – FY2024 Bundled Tariffs, Residential and Small Business Only (prices include GST)

Tariff NameResidential BundledSmall Business TOU EA225 BundledSmall Business Demand EA302 Bundled
Off Peakc/kWh26.89819.00
Retail Supply Chargec/meter/day88.00207.369660.00
Demand Chargec/kW/day37.00